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Bleached Tees

• Bleaching must be done in ideal weather conditions. If there are several rainy, snowy, windy, or cloudy days within the turnaround time given, the time it takes to ship your order may be extended. We always ship your item as quickly as possible.
• No two shirts will ever bleach the same. Every color will not bleach to a bright white. Here at Glitter+Rust, that is what we LOVE about bleached apparel. It is unique!
• We will choose the best bleaching style to complement the color, size, and design of your shirt.
• Bleaching breaks down the materials in the apparel, so holes are always a possibility. We use the best possible fabric blends to ensure this is less likely. This is a chance you take when ordering a bleached item. We will never send out an item that has holes in it. Refunds will not be given for holes that appear over time. 

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