Oh, baby! Changes, changes, changes.

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Friends, family and followers...I am back! It has been a crazy couple of months! It's been full of ups, downs and changes, changes, changes. Let's just get the downs out of the way quickly. This summer we had to say goodbye to our black lab, Payton - my husband's best friend of 13 years, and my baby boy since meeting him over 7 years ago.

Family Picture 2015

He had been sick for over a year and he was ready to go even though we weren't quite ready to let him. ( I mean, who is ever ready for that?!) Mr. G+R, our little dachshund, Sophie, and I miss him terribly. It's been just the 4 of us for 7+ years. Our little family suddenly felt incomplete and it was hard to imagine feeling whole again. And then...

We shortly found out we were expecting our first baby! We were overjoyed. A piece of our hearts will always be with Payton and we still miss him daily. But we are so excited for this next chapter in our lives! That being said, we have A LOT of work to do before this baby gets here. After my husband graduated from chiropractic school in December 2017, we moved back to his hometown to start our own chiropractic office. We made the oh-so-wise decision to move our stuff, and ourselves, into his sister's unfinished basement so that we could focus on getting the new business. Just for a few weeks...a couple months tops. HA!

When we found out there was a baby on the way, we quickly realized that...oops...we're still living in this basement and have made no plans to change that. It had been close to 6 months at this point. SIX MONTHS! Oy vey! Glitter+Rust was up and running. The chiropractic office was up and running. We were successfully running two brand new businesses and somehow finding our own home wasn't on the radar. Don't get me wrong. Each day, I was reminded that we still lived in an unfinished basement in one way or another. For example - *We moved here in January so I only have winter clothes unpacked. I'll just get this box of summer clothes ou.....oh. these are winter pajamas I figured I could live without for the first few weeks. Where are my summer clothes? Maybe this box....oh here's that one top I was looking for last week! But it's too hot for that now. Maybe this box....* You guys. My winter clothes are still sitting in 2 laundry baskets, folded and ready to be switched with my summer clothes in the Rubbermaids. And my summer clothes are still in a mystery Rubbermaid. And I made a little visit to Target for a few summer staples that I've been cycling through for the last several weeks. Anyway. When we started telling our families about the baby - they all had amazing, excited reactions quickly followed by "So are you going to raise this baby in the basement?" Ha. Ha. Ha. NO!

So. At the beginning of August we began moving into our own house. You know what the coolest part is? We have a kitchen. Okay, it's not that cool. The fact that all houses have kitchens is not lost on me. But unfinished basements don't. And after eating fast food and Chili's to-go for nearly every meal for over 7 months, we are loving this kitchen. Mr. Glitter + Rust's list of recipes he just couldn't wait to have grew longer and longer every day toward the end of July. I don't love to cook (not even a little bit) but I had to admit it all sounded amazing! So I've made, like, 2 or 3 of those because that's just how awesome of a wife I am. What can I say?

I can't wait to take you guys inside this adorable little farmhouse as I start to make it our home. I bought a new rug for our living room, figured out how we wanted to arrange our living room furniture, and figured out a way to get our king sized bed in the tiny master bedroom built before king sized beds were a thing. *Peek the baby announcement above featuring Sophie and a sneak preview of this amazing new rug.* Beyond these few things, I haven't accomplished much. Most of my clothes are still in mystery Rubbermaid tubs. Our businesses have been keeping us busy and, oh yeah, this little thing called morning sickness is slowing me down (btw it's literally all day long...why is it even called morning sickness?) I have furniture to arrange, shelves to fill, furniture projects and a nursery to fill. Are you guys ready for this?!


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